Monday, September 13, 2010


What happens when we have our feet pulled out from under us? I have recently come back from a hiatus from writing as personal crisis in the family took all motivation from me to be involved in anything writer related. No words flowed onto the empty screen, no desire to communicate with my writer friends. Life suddenly became hollow and undesirable. How do we allow personal circumstances not to deter us from writing?

When life gets in the way, we easily push the writing aside. Yet we carry on at our day jobs as a necessity. Days you don’t want to work, you force yourself out of bed and into the office just because that is where the paycheck comes from. When does the writing become top priority in your life? How do you break through the personal circumstances and push out the story anyway? So much emotion can come from your personal circumstances to make your story enriched. But the idea of making it actual happen can be fear gripping. Life can push you on and motivate you or it can paralyze you.

Pushing through my fear this past week, I was able to finally put words to empty screen after three months of complete emptiness. Writing is something I love, yet couldn’t motivate myself to do it because I lost my biggest supporter of my writing. Pushing through that fear was freeing. Showing up for a writer’s meeting locally was another motivator. What motivated me to continue? Writer friends that continued to send me emails, messages encouraging me to continue.

Where do you find your motivation when it feels hollow and empty?

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Pamala Owldreamer said...

I have had some major changes in my life this year.Very unpleasant and devastating changes. I found myself broke and virtually homeless.Friends came to my rescue when family didn't.Writing has been and still is a way of escaping for me.I can create the world as I wish it to be.The heroine ends up with the hero and they are happy.are they perfect no,but everything works out for them.The heroine(me) solves the problem,gets the bad guy,survives everything live throws at her and comes out on top.She/I get the hero and we live happily ever after doing whatever we always wanted to.Creating a world where I can solve all of my and other's problems and is motivation for me to write.Sometimes it breaks down the wall I build around myself and helps me to actually solve a solution to a real problem.
Sometimes,writing just make me smile and laugh and that is enough to make me keep writing even knowing how many rejections writer's get.There is always the chance,that this time,someone somewhere,an agent or publisher will like and want to make my dreams of being a published author.There you have some of the reasons I write and my motivation to keep writing.That or I am just delusional and am motivated by a masochistic need for mental pain.