Thursday, March 25, 2010


Where do you learn compassion from? As a child my parents tried to teach compassion to us, teaching us to do the right thing. Yet as we grow and life circumstances change our view on things, compassion sometimes isn't foremost in our mind. What has hit me in the last few days is that there is always a lesson we can learn from our children. The other night at the dinner table, my oldest daughter asked if a friend of hers could spend the night at our house. Apparently he had left his mom's house and was sleeping in his car.

Now I'm not against taking kids in -- however, I do question why they have left their house and what is going on with them. My household has rigid rules and yet I find that we always have a lot of extra kids around just to hang out. After a lengthy discussion with my daughter, we discussed how years ago she had stood by this same friend when he was removed from his mom's house due to abuse from his brother. She continued their friendship when he moved out of state and when he finally came back home. Now as they are seniors she still longs to take care of people. She has always had a kind heart.

So agreeing, we have a visitor for the night and again the next night. I look at my children, thinking that something right must have been instilled in them. They know the right thing to do and how to be a good friend to someone.

What lessons do you learn from your children or even young adults you may know? Do we take this lessons for granted or do we allow them to touch our lives, allowing ourselves to learn and grow in our own lives.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Separation Anxiety

We have two dogs in our house -- a greyhound and a springer spaniel. The springer spaniel, whose name is Domino, but is more fondly called Fats Domino due to his overweight nature has not adjusted well to me going to work outside of the house. When I closed my transcription business last year and sought work outside the house, Domino became very needy after being alone with Bay (the greyhound) all day.

Yesterday Domino was having a terrible time with the wind blowing outside and sat on the top stair where we have a gait across so he can't wake up the kids in the morning. He cried and barked. When my oldest daughter got up, he followed her downstairs to the kitchen while she got her breakfast and then trailed after her when she went to the living room. Later that day after the girls got home from school, Domino decided that he needed to be on the bottom shelf of the computer that my daughter was using. We have decided the poor thing is suffering from separation anxiety.

Domino needless to say has become very needy demanding attention all evening. Anyone else have pets that suffer from separation anxiety?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Growing Up

I picked up my daughter last night from her two week trip to California. Now she is 18 and preparing for college in the fall and the one thing that struck me is how grown up she is. As I listened to her talk about her trip and how much she hates New Hampshire and the cold weather, I realized my daughter is a young woman now, not my little girl. Yes, in a lot of aspects she will always be my little girl. She still makes me smile with her way of joking that just teases you out of a blue mood.

As we talked about colleges and when she wants to go I feel a sense of pride. She has grown into a responsible adult with a good head on her shoulders. I feel confident as she goes out into the world that she will succeed at whatever she puts her mind too. Am I sad to see her go? Of course, but I also overwhelming good about her going. She's ready to leave the nest.

Does that make me a bad mother for telling her to go to the college furthest away because I know she is ready? I had always heard how kids going away to college is so hard and you don't want them to go, yet to me it seems such like a natural process.

I enjoyed my kids immensely when they were little, and I must admit I enjoy my teenage kids. I'm extremely blessed to have children that don't give me major problems.

So instead of tears in my eyes from loss as my daughter prepares for college, I have tears from pride and joy at seeing grown into the young woman she is. Ren -- You will go far!!