Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome Morgan Wyatt

Please give a warm welcome to Morgan Wyatt who joins us this morning.

Who Writes Erotic Romance Anyhow?

As a Catholic school teacher, I penned serious novels about abused women escaping their abusive mates to carve out a life for themselves and their children. It all sounded rather noble in print, but it wasn’t riveting enough to get published, although an agent did pick it up and went immediately out of business. I am not sure the two were connected. Getting published always managed to elude me.

There was one woman in my former RWA group that managed to get everything she wrote published. She wrote erotic novels, some of the other members whispered as if it were a secret. No secret since she dressed like a character from the cover of her books in a major push-up bra that peeked out from a top barely resting on her shoulders. With her flamboyant hair and tiny stilettos, she became our own regional Dolly Parton.  In my mind, she was the epitome of an erotic romance writer.

Can’t say I knew exactly what an erotic romance writer wrote, but I knew it was hotter than anything I ever wrote. My stories pounded out of the gritty reality of day to day life were less than slinky. They didn’t enter a room on a cloud of perfume and promise, instead they clomped in with a chip on their shoulder.  I was that angry white woman writer.

Something unusual happened. I kept going to workshops, conferences and Nationals and met tons of writers, even ones who confessed to writing erotica. Their ordinariness amazed me. I met school teachers, nurses, grandmothers, and stay-at-home moms that wrote such steamy, and complex tales that I had to ask a few for explanations of how certain things were possible. Sometimes I would argue that they weren’t, but they’d assure me they were. I never asked how they knew.

My image of the erotic romance writer evolved from my flamboyant friend to a middle-aged woman, a mom, a teacher, maybe even someone like myself.  I played with writing hot love scenes, and felt a little silly for my efforts. My first success came when I sent a snippet from a story I wrote to PLAYGIRL Magazine. They published it in their twins edition. I got paid and got a free copy for my efforts, which did not please my husband at that time. I still have the magazine, but not the husband.

Even with that small success, I did not consider myself a writer of steamy scenes until a fateful submission call from Secret Cravings for hot cougar novels. Why not? I gave it a try with my first erotic novel, RELUCTANT COUGAR, whose main character is a fortyish woman who is pursued by a younger man she meets at a funeral.

I followed that novel with my current one, CUB IN BLUE, which details a woman getting passionately involved with a young police officer wounded in the line of duty. I still have another one coming out in February, PUPPY LOVE, followed by two more in the works. Suddenly, I am an erotic romance novelist.
Have I changed to suit my new genre? Not too much, although I am less the angry white woman. Now, I am more the smiling author. Partly because Secret Cravings took a chance on me, but mainly because I took a page from one of my novels and winked at a younger guy, and now I’m marrying him.
What is your image of an erotic romance novelist?
Two lucky commenters will get their choice of either RELUCTANT COUGAR or CUB IN BLUE book.
Also go to www.morgankwyatt.com to win Godiva chocolate and a strand of cultured pearls. The answer to the contest question is 9 ½ Weeks. Good Luck. 


Cheryl Brooks said...

As a romantic novelist myself, I have an idea that there are more out there like me (a nurse in her fifties who has never been pinup material) than there are those who resemble their characters. Kudos to you for winking at a younger man, though. I notice them, of course, but never make eye contact, let alone wink! Congrats on getting your work published!

Edittorrent said...

I have to say that I've always assumed that writers bear no resemblance to their books. Fiction writers make up their stories, after all! If they lived that way, these would be "memoirs," not "fiction."

So just as Stephen King turns out to be a doting husband and father and sort of nebbishy even though he writes extreme horror, I think of erotic writers as quiet, calm, casually dressed ladies... with very good imaginations!

I love the way you said you still had the magazine but have given up the critical husband. Art is long. :)

morgan said...

Thanks Cheryl. You write some pretty hot stuff you are an inspiration to me in more ways than one.

morgan said...

Hi Alicia,

I think it is interesting that people try to typecast writers to their genre. Used to be that romance writers tried to look like their heroines with long, flowing tresses. Thank goodness we're over that. Thanks for commenting.

Karen Cote said...

Yea...I laughed at the still have the magazine but not the husband line. I actually loved reading this. I strongly felt your journey and I appreciated how you spoke about it.

Great post!

morgan said...

Hi Karen,
Life is ironic. I also still have the dog that caused so many fights that often ended with it's the dog or me Well, ya'know how that worked out. My dog is very loyal and appreciative. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Vonnie Davis said...

Oh, Morgan, how delightful. Yay you! I wrote my first sex scene at the age of 62 at an All-U-Can-Eat buffet. Hubster was reading his iPad and I was kissing the computer keys with my fingertips. Our waittress came over to refill our drinks. "What 'cha writin'" she asks. "A sex scene," I replied before I thought it through. "Oh?" she slips behind me and reads over my shoulder. "Oh my," she breaths in my ear. "Oh my, Gawd!" She bustles off, and I got up to go for more salad. I hear her say to the other waittresses. "I'm telling you she was writing hot up agaist the wall sex....and she was OLD, too!" Sigh...so much for my ego.

Emma Leigh said...

Morgan, I'm so glad you could be here. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Best of luck with your books.

morgan said...

You gave me my laugh of the day. I constantly worry that I when I am cutting and pasting excerpts that I will send a sex scene to the wrong person. By the way, I love your book.I would have never thought of starting a book out with a naked cowboy.